“Operators Without Borders makes a lasting difference in the developing nations”

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Make a Difference through Operators Without Borders (OWB) as a Member!

Not everyone is able to commit the time to volunteer but you can still contribute by being an OWB member and benefit in the process. Your membership provides the funds necessary to deploy Operators on missions and helps bring a future to those in desperate need of safe water and wastewater management.

As a member you can:

  • Attend OWB AGMs and Special Meetings
  • Be eligible for election to the Board of Directors
  • Vote at OWB AGMs and Special Meetings of the Members
  • Be a member of and participate in any committees as requested by the Board of Directors
  • Be in the know – Read about the way OWB is making a lasting difference through our semi-annual newsletter!

Membership Application Form

Membership is for a three-year term. The fee for the three-year term is $50 for individuals, and $150 for corporations.

Confirming Eligibility (Application for membership must be approved by the OWB Board of Directors by vote)

Candidates for membership and existing Members must have an ongoing, recognizable interest in advancing the mandate of OWB. Specifically:

  1. Individuals must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. Organizations, in terms of their relationship to OWB, must meet the criteria set out by the Canada Revenue Agency in support of OWB’s charitable status.

All candidates and existing Members must carry on their business or profession in an ethical manner and in conformity with generally accepted principles of conduct.